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Initial meeting




Hello, I'm Brendon Burvill. I'm authorised to provide financial planning advice to individuals and their families.

The process

Initially, we'll discuss your current financial situation and ambitions for the future. This information will allow me to assess which solutions are appropriate for you.

Before disclosing any personal information, it's important to review my Financial Services Guide. It confirms who I represent (you), the services I can provide, the strategies and products I'm qualified to recommend, how your details are secured, how I'm paid and who to contact if you have any concerns.

But before we reach these steps, we need to confirm how I can help.


In person, by phone or virtual meeting

A good way for us to confirm if I can help is by booking a call, personal discussion or virtual meeting.

You can request a meeting time by calling, emailing or booking straight into the 'Book online' page. 

There is no charge for the initial meeting.


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