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  • What is Financial Advice?
    It's a process showing how you can improve your unique financial situation. Advice begins with your dreams and life aspirations. An adviser's role is to refine these dreams into goals, and goals into a plan. Once we know what you'd like to achieve, we can confirm whether you're on track by assessing your current situation versus what changes will be beneficial.
  • How can you help me?
    By providing simple, personalised, professional advice. I'm here to help with your: Personal Insurance (life insurance and income protection); Investments (managed funds and superannuation); and Retirement Planning (income streams, pensions and Centrelink).
  • How do we get started?
    Booking a time to meet either in person or over the phone is the first step. This gives us a chance to see I'll be able to help. Before the meeting you can look at my Initial Meeting page. At this meeting you can ask me about my services and we can discuss your situation and aspirations for the future.
  • What will we talk about at our initial meeting?
    Mostly you, your current situation and your financial goals. It's not something you may think about in those terms, but by discussing your interests we can confirm what your financial goals are.
  • What does it cost?
    There's no cost for the initial meeting. The first step is finding someone you trust and would like to work with. Beyond the first meeting, we'll discuss what the process is likely to cost depending on the type and complexity of the advice. For personal insurance, there are no direct costs. For investment, retirement planning and strategic advice, direct fees are payable for the planning and implementation phases of the process.
  • What do I need to bring?
    As little or as much information as you'd like. Most of the information we'll discuss is in general terms, however having statements for you investments, superannuation and personal insurances is very helpful.
  • And if I'd like to know more?
    You can contact me anytime. I'm always happy to help.
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